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Refined red juice & orange and red watermelon garnish | Celosia spp. (woolflower)

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

20 February 2021

Wow, what a market! This was a crazy day, I felt like I was running around all day. In reality, the adrenaline sets in the evening before. After Friday office duties are done and dusted, my focus shifts to packing for the juice stall from around 5pm. When operating a juice stall on Saturday, I’m never as relaxed as I should be on a Friday evening. My mind seems to just switch on, running through tomorrows to-do list, exploring various ideas, and just generally being distracted past midnight. 0500 and I wake full of energy, the body’s ready to tackle the day ahead, but the mind knows to wait until the 0545 alarm which sets off a chain of activities. Get ready, buy ginger, collect ice, set up the stall, collect the produce, prepare the fruit & veg, create the juice, taste test, greet customers and sell sell sell!

The day flies by without a chance of social media activity, but I’m happy that people seem to be enjoying their juices and that’s basically all that really matters. I wish I could engage more with passers-by but I’m ever conscious that produce needs washing, prepping and juicing. Right, next step for improvement: more pre-prep!

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