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Autumn's here!

6 March 2021

Green juice | apple, cucumber, mint, lime, ginger, Ha Ogen melon & kale with orange, watermelon & raspberry garnish | Red celosias

There was a short cold period, and a lull early in the morning, before the sun came out and the crowds arrived!

Really happy with the presentation of this green juice (interesting how the addition of raspberry makes such an impression!), and it would have tasted better than the previous green version with celery. The prepped ginger & melons certainly helped with workflow, as did prepping the watermelon garnish in bulk at the beginning of the day. However, the next step is to wash apples, cut oranges (for juicing and garnish) on Fridays to assist with even smoother operations of the stall!

Next step: find a helping hand (read: gun all-rounder) to assist with the stall!

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